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Courses for an L&D Generalist

Here are the courses we recommend that you explore first if you are in an L&D Generalist role:

Training Delivery Skills - Part A

Focusing on engaging training rather than just presenting the course offers a range of tools, templates and techniques for delivering learner centred training. Often referred to as ‘Train the Trainer’, this course is packed with ‘lightbulb moments’ and adds significant value to even the most experienced L&D professional. The TAP Certificate in Training Delivery - Part A) is a core module in the TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation and is available as a digital self-study module; a blended 2-day classroom programme or; a 3-day classroom event.
(For new Trainers we run a 5-day train the trainer)

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group size: 6

Training Delivery – Part B

Develop the skills to truly connect with each individual learner and their learning will be accelerated. This 2-day workshop will develop the skills and behaviours to establish a safe learning environment, build rapport and stimulate learner motivation and engagement. The course will provide opportunity to develop as an excellent trainer, capable of engaging with the whole person, winning hearts and minds and accelerating learning.

£860 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Digital Writing Skills

The language we use, whether written or verbal, must communicate the message effectively. Any piece of digital content should engage the audience from the beginning to ensure the message is delivered and the goal of the message is met for whichever purpose. 

Delegates will refresh their knowledge and application of some basic rules of language. They will learn best practice tips for writing digital content when used as part of a communication campaign such as blog posts, product information, instructional guides, social status updates, responding to comments and spoken communication. 

Delegates will work through five key elements to writing effective online content.  These elements will help them engage the reader through storytelling, personality, planning, structure, and adapting language style for any digital content in their campaigns. 

They will apply these steps to their own campaign project; feedback will be provided through out from the course facilitator and from course colleagues. 

Fee: £860 +VAT - Maximum group size: 8

eLearning Design

The eLearning Design course focuses on how to add the important human element into eLearning so as to create stimulating, engaging and effective content.  The TAP Certificate in eLearning Design is a core module in the Diploma in Digital Learning.  

You may select your preferred learning format:  


  1. blended format, comprising three parts over a 2-3 week period - a live online session with self-paced activities, a two-day classroom event and a final live online session


  1. A wholly online, tutor-supported programme over 5 weeks comprising a blend of live online sessions, self-paced activities and project work

£1,290 +VAT - Maximum Group Size: 8 (either format)


This '3-day' course provides a structured, best-practice approach to training design which enables consistency and ensures quality in developing effective learning events. It builds on the learning needs analysis phase, ensuring that the design addresses both business and learner needs. This Certificate is a core module in the Diploma in Learning Design

£1,290 +VAT Maximum Group Size: 8

Blended Learning

Today, there is a universal requirement in the L&D world to embrace the potential of e-learning and blended solutions. The TAP Certificate in Blended Learning will be valuable for those seeking to extend their capabilities beyond face-to-face and traditional self-study methods to take advantage of the opportunities provided by new processes technologies. This programme will build awareness of the options available, enabling delegates to select the most relevant and effective blend for each learning needs analysis. The Certificate is a core component in the Diploma in Digital Learning. 

You may select your preferred learning format:    


  1. A blended format comprising three parts over a 2-3 week period; a live online session with self-paced activities, a two-day classroom event and final submission and assessment of project work 


  1. A wholly online, tutor-supported programme over 5 weeks comprising a blend of live online sessions, self-paced activities and project work 

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8 (either format)

L&D Consultancy Skills

The 2015 CIPD L&D Survey highlighted the current shift from reactive to proactive Learning and Development – L&D professionals are increasingly required to develop the consultancy skills needed to effectively engage with a variety of stakeholders involved in the learning transfer system, questioning and challenging their assumptions and requirements.  The 3-dayCertificate in L&D Consultancy is a core module in the TAP Diploma in L&D Consultancy.

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Learning Needs Analysis

This course is the foundational building block of all learning interventions. The 2-day LNA course provides a structured, best-practice approach to identifying learning needs enabling appropriate learning interventions to be developed. The Certificate is a core module in the Diploma in L&D Consultancy

£860 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Leading the L&D Function

Leading a Learning and Development function has never been so challenging: L&D is becoming far more strategic than ever before.  Managers are expected to adopt new learning technologies and operating models, procedures and processes - all whilst sustaining the engagement of their team even where restructuring and downsizing of the function is taking place. At the same time, L&D Leaders must speak the language of business and report results that actually matter to senior managers e.g. performance improvements; sustained increases in sales; higher levels of customer satisfaction; lower attrition/sickness/complaints, avoiding falling into the trap of reporting mere ‘bums on seats’ and fill rates! 

This 3-day course helps develop the core pragmatic skills required of the 21st Century L&D Leader It is a core module in the TAP Diploma in L&D Leadership.

 £1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Setting L&D Strategy

In development - coming soon!

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