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In our experience, trainers find their way into a career in L&D for one of two reasons:

  1. A conscious career choice as a result of awareness generated within an organisation or word of mouth through friends, colleagues or the internet

  2. Having gained experience and expertise in a particular role to the extent that others began to regard them as an expert, demanding that they stand up in front of a group and train others – sadly, most often without any skill development in ‘how’ to train

Whatever the route, it significantly improves you career and chances of success in L&D to gain some real skills and expertise in the art of helping others to learn new skills or knowledge, avoiding the ‘sitting by nelly, demo and follow’ process, or worse still, the lecture or presentation ‘death by slide’ approach. If you have ever attended a ‘training programme’ where you started falling asleep after an hour of slides, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

TAP Training is diametrically opposed to the lecture style, employing a totally different approach to questioning skills (more than the fairly common strategy of using open questions). We focus on your training style (measuring 15 components on style alone); the structure of your sessions (another 14 individual points) and the overall balance of activity, driving a pass/fail result and certificate of achievement rather than a mere certificate of attendance. To find out more, please read on….

To make it nice and simple, we’ve grouped the certificates most relevant for individuals in training roles below:

Training Delivery – Part A

Focusing on engaging training rather than just presenting the course offers a range of tools, templates and techniques for delivering learner centred training. Often referred to as ‘Train the Trainer’, this course is packed with ‘lightbulb moments’ and adds significant value to even the most experienced L&D professional. The TAP Certificate in Training Delivery - Part A) is a core module in the TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation and is available as a digital self-study module; a blended 2-day classroom programme or; a 3-day classroom event.
(For new Trainers we run a 5-day train the trainer)

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group size: 6


Training Delivery – Part B

Develop the skills to truly connect with each individual learner and their learning will be accelerated. This 2-day workshop will develop the skills and behaviours to establish a safe learning environment, build rapport and stimulate learner motivation and engagement. The course will provide opportunity to develop as an excellent trainer, capable of engaging with the whole person, winning hearts and minds and accelerating learning.

£860 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Online Facilitation Skills

This 2 day course helps L&D professionals who are experienced in training or facilitating classroom-based events to transfer their skills to training online. The course covers techniques on how to build rapport online, keeping the audience engaged throughout live online sessions and how to facilitate self-paced activities such as online discussion forums.

The programme covers the role of an online facilitator and also how to support and host online events to global audiences.


  1. A blended format comprising three parts over a 2-3 week period; a live online session with self-paced activities, a two-day classroom event and final submission and assessment of project work 


  1. A wholly online, tutor-supported programme over 5 weeks comprising a blend of live online sessions, self-paced activities and project work 

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8 (either format)

Facilitation Skills

This 3-day classroom course focuses on the skills to facilitate group events such as workshops, team meetings, focus groups, action learning sets, briefings etc. Key skills learned are how to build rapport with diverse groups and how to best manage and deal with any challenging behaviour. The TAP Certificate in Facilitation Skills is a core module in the TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 6

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