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L&D Consultancy Skills

The 2015 CIPD L&D Survey highlighted the current shift from reactive to proactive Learning and Development – L&D professionals are increasingly required to develop the consultancy skills needed to effectively engage with a variety of stakeholders involved in the learning transfer system, questioning and challenging their assumptions and requirements.  The 3-day Certificate in L&D Consultancy is a core module in the TAP Diploma in L&D Consultancy.

£1,290 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Learning Needs Analysis

This course is the foundational building block of all learning interventions. The 2-day LNA course provides a structured, best-practice approach to identifying learning needs enabling appropriate learning interventions to be developed. The Certificate is a core module in the Diploma in L&D Consultancy

£860 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8

Managing Learning Transfer

The challenge of improving the transfer of learning from the training programme into performance is one of today's hottest L&D issues. Even training that is designed and delivered to best-practice TAP standards is ineffective if not supported by a systematic approach to ensuring transfer into workplace performance.  We highly recommend that every senior L&D leader and consultant participates in the MACRO Learning Transfer workshop, either through a closed in-company programme (recommended) or through individual attendance on the public scheduled programme.  

The TAP Certificate in Managing Learning Transfer comprises attendance of the 2-day MACRO workshop, Transferring Training into Business Results, and subsequent assessment of a work-based project. This Certificate is now a core module in the TAP Diploma in L&D Leadership. 

£1,290 +VAT (For public schedule option) – Maximum Group Size: 6

Learning Evaluation

Much more than the Kirkpatrick approach to evaluation, whether you’re seeking to evaluate Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Expectation (RoE) or other important business performance impacts, this course will give you the tools you need to demonstrate to key stakeholders that your initiatives are resulting in performance and/or productivity improvements.

This 2 day course offers a structured, consistent yet flexible approach to evaluating learning events.  TAP’s best-practice evaluation model builds upon the analysis and design phases and establishes what impact learning events have had on the real needs of the business and the people working in it.

£860 +VAT – Maximum Group Size: 8


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