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Looking for skills development for your Learning & Development team?

If you’re looking for learning solutions guaranteed to upskill your L&D Team, enhance the quality of their work or evaluate their performance – you’re in the right place.

The Training Foundation has qualified over 33,600 individuals.

Why do people choose TAP?
  • TAP doesn’t just provide a framework of skills-based certificates and diplomas – we have a team of Account Managers and Curriculum Specialists who are skilled to listen and understand your challenges and specific requirements for individual development and business growth, no matter how bespoke they are
  • TAP provides trainer skills development through short skills-based courses, face-to-face or wholly online, ensuring less time away from the business. The skills learnt are immediately transferable back to the workplace ensuring an instant return on investment
  • Limiting delegate numbers on each TAP course, we achieve the very best learning experience for our clients, our courses engage learners at the most optimum level. Learners develop skills and methodology that can be applied in any industry or sector 

  • TAP Certification is achieved through a skills assessment aligned to the specific trainer competencies under-pinning each TAP course. Learners will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ rather than one of simple course attendance 

  • Learning effectiveness = transfer and application to the workplace. The highest-quality of learning will only lead to performance improvement if supported by an effective Learning Transfer process. Our Learning Transfer process (MACRO) is used by many clients to ensure performance improvement and best return on investment. 

  • Our booking process is incredibly easy, and you’ll have an allocated dedicated Account Manager who will be there to help you throughout your TAP journey

How will TAP benefit your organisation?

  • Consistency in training practice, demonstrating Quality Assurance in all Learning Interventions 

  • More engaging training and learning solutions resulting in effective transfer of skills and knowledge to application in the workplace  

  • Greater stakeholder confidence demonstrated through externally-benchmarked accreditation and increased satisfaction scores

What do other people say about TAP?

To find out more about how TAP has benefited other organisations and individuals please see our testimonials page. 

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