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All TAP courses are built around a set of competencies which are closely aligned to best-practise TAP Learning and Development Standards. Both sets of competencies and standards are available to view on request.

For more information on TAP Accreditation, please see our full Accreditation brochure here.

The achievement of a TAP Certificate or Diploma, and agreement to comply with the TAP Academy’s Code of Professional Conduct, will result in the award, by The Training Foundation, of post-nominals TAP.Cert and TAP.Dip respectively. The achievement of a Master TAP Diploma will result in the award of post-nominals TAP.MDip. Qualifiers of our Certificates will also receive a lapel badge with the denomination ‘TAP Certified Learning and Development Practitioner’ and Diploma holders badges display the denomination ‘TAP Accredited Learning and Development Professional’.

Code of Professional Conduct

The Code of Conduct* encompasses the personal behaviour expected of TAP Academy members. In positions of considerable influence through the pivotal roles they fulfill in organisations, Learning and Development Professionals have a responsibility to utilise their specialist knowledge and skills in and ethically responsible manner.

The 3 core elements of the Code of conduct are:


  • Seek to engage the hearts and minds of their audience, inspiring positive contributions and outcomes.
  • Work to establish and maintain an environment of mutual trust and respect, accommodating the uniqueness, individuality and needs of their audience.


  • Act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work, declining involvement with any activity that would compromise their professional standing.
  • Uphold the reputation of the Profession, their organisation and the TAP Academy through their conduct.


  • Continually review and improve the quality of their professional practice by maintaining the currency of both their subject expertise and their professional skills.
  • Inform their professional judgement and practice by keeping up to date with current learning theories and emerging trends in L&D, technology and pedagogy.

*The TAP Academy Code of Conduct of Professional Conduct is copywright of The Training Foundation and should not be copied or reproduced without written permission.

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