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During The Training Foundation’s first 18 years we have been continuously evolving the TAP Programme, the aim being to offer Heads of L&D an end-to-end approach to quality-assuring their service provision. The TAP 3-Step model is the culmination of much research, consultation and development and has uniquely been recognised by two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation, in 2005 and 2016.

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TAP Modular Diplomas Framework

1. Highly skilled trainers

Enabling highly-skilled trainers with TAP's Skills Qualifications Framework
How does your organisation develop its L&D professionals in the wide range of skills needed to perform effectively in their roles? Are all trainers, including SME's highly skilled in TNA, design, delivery and facilitation?

In 2017 more than 34,000 TAP-Certified practitioners are applying their best-practice skills to enhance learning.

TAP Certified Assessor Programme

2. Quality controlled training practice

Enabling self-assessment of training quality by TAP-Certified Assessors
How does your organisation objectively quality-control the design and delivery of face to face and digital learning?

We can help you train TAP-Certified Assessors to enable you to internally ensure the ongoing quality of your training functions. The innovative TAP Certified Assessor programme now embraces training delivery, training design (classroom and eLearning) and online facilitation.

The TAP-certified Assessor programme was recognised by a second Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2016.

Tap MACRO® Learning Transfer Workshops

3. Systematic Learning Transfer Process

Enabling systematic learning transfer through the TAP MACRO Model
What learning transfer model or process does your organisation use to ensure that learning leads to improvements in individual performance and organisational productivity? By adopting MACRO you have the potential to transform the effectiveness of Learning & Development in your organisation.

Our 3 Step Approach

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